Alien Coins

What are they?

This is Bored Aliens official coin, with it you can purchase Etherium, Merchendise, NFTs and much more. It has real value. You can earn Alien Coins from playing games in our Discord Server. These games are simple like Rock Paper Scissors, Guess the number and even Dice. In the future there will be more ways to Earn Alien Coins other than the Discord but this will be explored more in the future. 

What are the prices of the items?

Raffle Ticket:AlienCoins: 500

Diamond Whitelist Spot:AlienCoins: 2000

King Alien Role:AlienCoins: 5000

Free Mint (Bored Aliens):AlienCoins: 25000

Bored Aliens Iphone Case:AlienCoins: 35000

Custom Made Genesis:AlienCoins: 40000

Merchandise (Hoodie):AlienCoins: 50000

$100 ETH:AlienCoins: 100000  

$1000 ETH:AlienCoins: 999999

To redeem your coins, purchase the item through the bot by using !buy and saying the name of the item in the !shop. Then open a ticket and give you what you bought.